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Whit the full game coming soon now allowing the players company to take a part in banditry i have a few idea that would make that experience a bit more fun.These ideas only range from the idea of being a bandit.These in game would make the players company hostile to the noble houses and independent villages lowering your relationship with them and renown , but would increase your relation with bandits.You cannot do these and gain relation with goblins,orcs,and the undead factions.

Lowering your renown to 0/zero would allow you to go into infamy.Noble house will see you as a threat and send there own troops after you or hire mercenarys to hunt and kill your company

The player company can raid villages if you can get past the militia,your company can take items from the homes of peasants or a little something from the market gaining gold,supplies,armor and weapons.

Your company can take contracts from different bandit factions given by bandit leaders

If the company becomes low on food you can chose to steal for a farmer(s) for some wheat

Contract(reward player in gold and other ill gotten gain.player company can be attacked by other mercenary company or militia)
A bandit leader can ask the player company to steal something from a village.
A bandit leader can ask the player company to destroy a enemy bandit camp
A bandit leader can ask the player company to join them in a raid on village