Reply To: Perks suggestions

Avatar photoRedShark

I’d want my hounds to also have Fast Adaptation and Berserk and Duellist and Crippling Strikes and Fearsome and Backstabber and Underdog (they’re dogs, after all) and Hold Out and Steel Brow and Fortified Mind and Colossus and Pathfinder and Lone Wolf and Anticipation and Nimble. Oh, and of course Bark Mastery, so that the fatigue cost of barking is halved and each bark triggers a morale check for enemies within a 4-tile radius …

With dog like that we wouldn’t need any battle brothers…
I mean, it would be cool to have a hound releated perk. You sacrifice a perk for more survivability for your hound. And I don’t think it would be too overpowered – dogs are still an easy target.