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I see. Thanks for replying and letting me know.

What a shame. This masterpiece deserves to be finished!

Is it actually intentional that the man with the red cape, right in the focus, is adopting the pose of someone that has been crucified? Is there a connection between Jesus that sacrificed himself for all mankind (or however it is stated in the Bible) and this mercenary band that sacrificed itself for someone else, was true to its word, trying to fight a battle that they probably knew they were not able to win, but did so nonetheless?

Maybe you will have the time to finish it eventually. At this state, it does not make for a good desktop background, since one can see that this is not the finished state and cannot really pretend that a darkness is coming and consuming what is left of that company or something like that. I tried to cut out the polished part of the painting and set that as my background, but that isn’t working well.

Maybe it would be nice idea to polish some of those execellent paintings and revamp them to be a sort of “advertisement wallpapers” by adding the Battle Brother logo like it has been done for the key visual.
I assume there will be a new surge of LPs, reviews, general press coverage, etc. when the game will be released. Then those guys would have some more eye-catching art to present.

EDIT: One more thing, will you paint a new Battle Brothers desktop icon? I think it is pretty much the only thing that hasn’t been overhauled yet. ^^