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Thanks for the quick response, Rap.

Interesting that you mention a more advanced injury system.

The majority of FRPGs seem to use the simple hit point system; the character is fully effective until the loss of the last HP, when he or she either dies or becomes unconscious. Not overly representative of the effects of getting hit and injured by medieval weapons (or in any time period).

Not sure what your plans run to but it would be good to see combat abilities impaired (hits to arms) and movement curtailed (hits to legs); those being the predominant areas shown to be hit in the 1930’s study in Gotland. Maybe some permanent impairment that would carry over, such that a brother would forever move a bit slower than he did because of a gimped leg, for example.

In any event, your future plans sound like exciting additions to the game going forward and it looks like you already have a battle sister ready to go!