Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

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Caveat: I’ve been playing on “Normal”. (I’m a coward by nature!) Also, my first party just got slaughtered by Necrosavants, so there’s a lot of the game I haven’t seen yet. (Remember: “losing is fun!”) Finally, I don’t pay much attention to the battle log. Overall, battles seem to work well.

1.) The morale checks are fine for me. I wouldn’t expect to be able to see a morale drop before the trigger happens. I can get a general idea by looking at the cute little mood faces and brother’s native traits.

2.) Whilst a very small cosmetic change, I appreciated seeing “Fangshire” has its nicely magical blue glow returned!

3.) It seems that crossbows got a little bit of a buff on accuracy, which I liked. Not enough to bring back the killer crossbowmen, but enough to make them useful again.

4.) I really like all the new touches that make everyday tasks so much easier! (“All right, you brothers! DOUBLE TIME, MARCH!” :-D )

Major annoyance: Even when relations are very friendly, prices remained extremely high in the one city I befriended. Prices dropped much more in smaller places that I didn’t help as much. Maybe this is because the cost of living tends to be higher in large cities? It was still annoying, because I hadn’t expected it. In the previous update, the prices would drop much lower.

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