Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photoWargasm

I’ve noticed that:

— Contrary to what was stated in one of the dev blogs, the Puncture skill hasn’t yet been altered
— The combat penalties at night have been reduced, so that ranged attack (and defence) is still viable
— Raiders no longer have +10 melee defence and +5 ranged defence, and so are easier to hit in the early game
— The currently active character is now included in the number of allies distracting a target to create the “surrounded” status effect (making raiders still easier to hit than before, and compensating for the new morale risk of being engaged in melee with them)
— Cleavers now cost 12 fatigue (instead of 13) for basic attacks, and flails now cost 13 instead of 14
— Militia spears have been made slightly less damaging, and the damage ranges of scramasaxes, butcher’s cleavers and bludgeons have been expanded upwards
— Farmhands often start with significantly higher max fatigue again (not too far from wildmen), instead of usually just 5-10 above average
— Some wildmen and hunters start at level 2
— More recruits start with ranged skill in the 40s
— Polearm Mastery has been made more lucrative by the possibility of staggering opponents (perhaps a good tactic against the overwhelming direwolves – if you can get to level 5 before facing them)
— If you try to fight direwolves at their own game using overwhelm, battles could turn into turgid stalemates with everyone missing “open goals” to slay each other (as if trapped in nets within swamps) …
— Reach Advantage has been made almost useless (like Nimble was before), and it will now be harder for deserters clad in scale armour to casually scythe through throngs of orc warriors with their 35 hit points and 7 resolve (but still at confident morale because some chap hiding in the bushes a few tiles away keeps blowing a trumpet)
— Reach Advantage needs to be adjusted so that (a) you don’t necessarily need astronomic base melee defence to make use of it to start with, but (b) you can’t become persistently 95% immune to hits because of it (even if you do have the highest possible base melee defence)
— The re-worked Nimble sounds interesting, but I worry that its effect will be invisible and unmeasurable, so that you’ll never be sure if it’s worthwhile (but I shall see when I actually get to it)