Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photoRusBear

I do not see the raison d’etre such nerf of the heavy 2 hands build. You’re not going to sell the perks for money online, right? You have an obsession to make a useful initiative – well – do, what the carefully developed knight hinder you to to it? Too strong? Of course he is, he should be such. This is not – to be found in the first burial ground with 10 ghouls armor by 300 and not an old PF or 4 crossbows in pockets, allow you to absolutely without effort and danger to kill enemies. You first try to find a suitable background, then shake it properly combining the desired perks, a refuge from goblins in the first levels , from 2 headshots at night from a maximum distance by bandit crossbowman … and only then to talk about his overpower. Instead, you enter “Overwhelm” and believe that this is a normal balance? it is not necessary to force a player to do something – you just give him a opportunity and choice – he wants to run with the networks and daggers – let him run, his is the law, he wants to raise this god of war with 2 hand axe – let him do this to.