Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photodltoster

The new version is awesome, thank you for the good work!

Although I think the late game crisis startet a bit too early. It started like on day 70, not all of my bros are equipped even with chainmail yet.

I agree on that. We are just a band of bandit raiders to that moment (with highest loot from them), 6-7 level top, with a genious commander ofc, but how we suppose to dictate a war and loosing settlement by day 80? Every castle patrol are stronger than the company.

I repelled undead attack on northern village mission (3 star faction contract), killed 4 bunch of undeads in a day (with castle company support (or they with mine), by myself i maybee could kill ghouls, but not that legionaries parties), they said we won, i go south and in a 5 day village was destroyed. Did my fighting means something at all?