Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photodltoster

And another one: I need bigger inventory!!!! Urgely.
There are now 81 items.
We need for a 18-20 men parties 1.5 stacks of food per day – so 6-8 cells are gone.
We need spare armor amd helmet (we are fighting tough 4 battles a day in siege mission, yeah?), best choice is 12 armours/ 8 helmets, 8/5 i think is bottom line, so 15-20 cells more.
We need a room for some shields, weapons that are hard to find but to good to sell i’d say it is 10-15 cells even if we are not going to alter tactics.
Spare bandages, throwing nets, maybe javelines, maybe poison – depends on how much we have space and money, 10 cells. Mongrels maybe. 50+ to this moment are used. I need 10 cells simply to dress my men empty. What is left for an additional tactic weapons and loot? 15-20 cells? Then i’d say i can not have this additional tactic at all. And it is not like we are some billionaries that can go and buy those 6 spears or swords or hammers in a shop when we need them for necrosavants or orcs and other day just sell it. We need to stash. No room for that.

So i’d say 150 is the best choice, 120 so-so. A stash in the woods in some hole under the stone to hide some additional weapons/armor would be good too.