Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photodltoster

Does necrosavants act first and last (after wait)? Those pesky bastards. You cannot wait for them and you cannot hit them next turn – they strike and fly away first. All you can do is bleed :( I am not asking to nerf them, but they are challenging. I’d say we can beat one in a bunch with 50/50 to loose someone killed, it is hard whith two of them, 3 would ripe our company like sheeps even without auxilliaries helping. What armour they have? They are seems naked to me. Do they ignore spearwall? Can be stunned? Bleed? What are they weaknesses? I only fought 2 battles with them. 8-10 auxillaries and walkingdeads and 2 ns in the first one (lost one men and miracly saved my starting archer – i stopped his bleeding with 3 hp left ans surrounded him with 6 my men and 4 others bunched and took hits from last necrosavant and finally killed him). The other one was with 3 of them and i did not have a chance. 6-8 level guys and bandit raiders loot (140/110 and second tier weapon).