Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photoWanderer

It is more expensive (typically) than buying the tools to fix. You’re basically trading time for money when you’re fixing things at the armorer.

When you’re walking around with 20k+ cash though, the amount requested is a lot smaller than the high end contract payouts. Saw a 1.1k advance + 4k completion orc mission that I skipped because I knew it would involve a warlord + 8 warriors, and I only have one heavy armor character at the moment.

Necro-savants are basically reskinned vampires. They basically are the reason that Fast Adaptation is a requirement, by virtue of their high melee defense (on an account of basically starting with 70 hp with basically no armor, which means two hits with a 1-handed weapon or one hit with a two-hander will instantly trigger Nine Lives).