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I think this sounds interesting. And indeed the map does look a bit empty as it is right now. On the other hand these extra locations might have to start invisible as I don´t think it would be realistic to believe you know every little place in the world. So you find them while traveling and the map gets more alive the more you come around. A bit like Exploration in Skyrim.

And then there can aswell be new contracts in the bigger cities:

Do you remember M&B where bandits occupy little hamlets? Some folks might have get away to search for someone to help them. You then get the location and the job to fight and force the bandits out. —> Fight in a hamlet
There might be a follow-up job possible. The bandits you have driven out were only a litte part of a bigger band in the nearby wildernis. Now the others are getting more men and prepare to revenge their fallen comrads. The townsfolk have nothing to protect themselves from the wrath of these criminals so they plead for your help again right after you saved the town in the first place.

You mentioned mining camps. Then you could aswell add mines. Imagine those miners did without knowing mine right into a cave full of terrors. The mining camp goes silent and some time after this event, some merchants waiting for their wares in the near towns get nervous, asking you to find out what happens. You find a deserted mining camp and some corpses on the way to the mine. Those men seem to have fled from the mines. So this is were you are going. —> Good opportunity for a dungeon fight.
After you destroyed what ever was in there you head back to the merchant in town and a while after he found some new miners to work there and you can again buy and sell stuff there and so on.

Similar quests are possible for hunting/woodcutter camps beeing attacked by beasts like werewolfs.

And something else I thought about. Later when there will be this invasion event happening. Bigger cities and towns once destroyed won´t be able to be rebuilt but I think those smaller locations could be if you manage to free them of whatever has took them over. And in the end they will be destroyed eventually aswell because you won´t have the time to save them all.

That´s what came to my mind right now.

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