Reply To: Enemies doesn't attack as a group

Avatar photojuanval

I bring this topic again because in certain combats, enemies are dispersed and attack one by one. I could understand this behaviour in undead enemies, but in BB even human bandits do it. I had an interesting encounter against few poachers some raiders and ¡one bandit leader! When the combat started my group was at the south part of the map and enemies appeared from the shadows totally dispersed, attacking 1 or 2 vs my 12 soldiers. More than a combat it seemed a parade. It was suposed to be a great battle, but the initial disposition of enemies ruined the experience.

On the other hand, when battles start with enemies forming a wall at the right part of the screen, the experience is superb. AI of enemies in BB is one of the best I’ve experienced in combat games. And the combat of BB is epic.

Darkest Dungeon and Battle Brothers are the best games I played in 2016.