Reply To: Not a bug but serious problem for IM mode leaving settlements.

Avatar photodltoster

Actually, having re-read what you wrote about environment pausing before auto-saves before battles versus before/after entering/exiting settlements, I think maybe there are certain types of battles (i.e. sudden, complex ones involving more than two parties) for which the environment doesn’t get paused (or for which the environment dynamics are shifting too rapidly within the space of less than a second, so that different data about the battle composition gets saved at different times and/or in different places).

Maybe. I oriented on that fact (is it fact? Now I need to play because i am now in doubts), that after battle world is on pause. But it can be that autosaving take place before battle and world is pausing after save is done (it is before battle starting for sure, because when i loaded autosave one time it was pre-engaging situation and i have to find (notice, it was close but my company did not see them maybe becaue visibility range expands taking some time too as i saw in early alphas footage with visible circles of party awarness) and attack this party again). So it can be that world shifts slightly in time in pre- and after- battle situations too. I remember this (autosave after leaving settlement)was an issue for me in earlier betas (pre-goblin i think) and devs just removed autosaving in this occasions.

I afterthinked on this topic and now i suppose that autopausing environment leaving (better even entering) a settlement will be a good game expirience optimization too – because it takes time to click a space key manually or to click on a new destination point and the company just standing for a sec. This is 1-2% loss of a gametime too me think.