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Good RNG in single battle – not a balance…

The point is: a full-strength ancient dead force still seems less formidable than an equivalent orc or goblin one. I’m pretty sure the orc and goblin scenarios are unwinnable. I’ve tried many, many times with each, without success, but I won the ones against the ancient dead and necro-savants (“Walk in the Woods”) at the first attempt. Necro-savants are basically exactly the same as vampires but with different graphics and with a weapon that wrecks more havoc against armour but without a +10 hit-chance.

As for “balance”, it’s so difficult to judge, because different campaigns (regardless of difficulty settings) can seem so different. There are some (even on “normal” level) when you need to travel to a far-away fortification just to fulfil the terms of the opening contract, and the only way is along a narrow coast/swamp path or through woods/hills/mountains, and your half-naked trio keeps getting chased from all directions by bandits (sorry: brigands), direwolves or occasionally even goblins, and all of them seem far too powerful for that point in the game. But then on other campaigns (even on “expert”) the roads and woods seem largely free of hostile forces for a long time, and you start close to towns that have cheap tools, cheap wildmen and prizefighters, and cheap damaged padded leather that you can repair with your tools, and everything seems so much simpler.