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Another idea regarding quests and questchains. Right now there are random locations that are on the map (i cannot recall right now, if the do respawn somewhere else after some time if they are destroyed or if they are finite) which spawn enemies and can be destroyed. That is a bit of a waste.

Jago mentioned the idea of reusing sites after the player defeats the enemies inside them. This sounds like a good idea for some of these locations. Think of an old Watchtower oder small castle or fort which had been deserted for whatever reason. But now as the lands face the rising tide of a coming invasion it would be no bad idea to regarrison such places with military after they are reclaimed in order to get safety up in the region.
Other things like forsaken woodcutter camps or mines could give more income if reclaimed and ofcourse be retaken by bandits or monsters resulting in new quests.

Graveyards are an other story. Neither do they produce income – aslong as you are no graverobber ;) – nor do they serve any other purpose than getting the dead to rest. But i could imagine a questline starting in a nearby town. People don´t dare visiting their lost ones anymore because there are strange things happening, dark creatures spooking the graveyard. Some townsfolk even did not make it back from there. So you are hired to make it save again. (like the ordinary raze location quest) Then you uncover the secret behind what is happening there. A cult of necromancers is trying to build up an army of undead there. So you have to find out where they are operating from and put an end to them.

Most sites would not have to be razed completely but could be reused in a different way depending on who holds them. For that part it would be nice to have more of your lovely art. For example a dark and spooky looking graveyard -like the one you use now- is infested with evil. And have it a bit lighter with green grass and flowers to show it is save, something this way. This could go for any location.

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