Reply To: Considering the War Bow vs. the Heavy Crossbow

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Three things:
1. Armor damage is dealt first, and THEN the current armor’s 10% is taken into consideration.

That is how I calculated it. I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear.

2. The direct damage does NOT take away from armor damage.

The dev post that described how the mechanic works says that it does. Maybe it doesn’t, or I may have misread the dev post, but it seemed very clear on the point that direct damage is removed from the damage dealt to armor. If this is not true, then obviously my post is wrong.

3. Crossbow perk further increases the ignore armor efficacy by a 15% to a total of 65% ignores armor.

Which would make it even worse against armor if the rest of my post is correct.

Especially since ranged weapons generally don’t get 8 shots to hit before the enemy closes, meaning most of their time will be spent in the earlier party of the equation rather than the later part where crossbows start to pull ahead by bypassing what armor remains.

BTW, are you the same GlyphGryph from Cataclysm? Just wondering :P

Wow, I haven’t actually had someone recognize me from there in a long time. I am!

As Wargasm confirms above, we’re pretty sure that’s not how it works.

But you don’t have to take our words for it, and it’s not very apparent in game either. However, one way you can confirm our assertions is by going in game to the inventory, equiping a weapon and hovering your mouse over the attack skill for the weapon. Read the tooltip, it’ll show you the amount that “ignores” armor and the armor damage amount.