Reply To: [Beta] Ranged hit chances / damage are just insane

Avatar photoSarissofoi

Throwing my five kopenek here.

I noticed similar things to the point that I much more prefer fighting orc warriors that enemy ranged troops.
-enemy hitting all the time, at any range,
-blocked or not,
-with any kind of ranged weapon
Even Raiders can wreck people with their throwing weapons.
It can not be bias because I don’t even recall similar level of bullshit from any previous patch.
Right now raiders often hit with their ranged at max range and for good damage. Very often and they were mostly useless with their stuff in 7.0.12
I think all of enemy get not only stats buff but also plenty of perks.
Its getting ridiculous to the point that any battle against enemy ranged open with a chance to getting one of my guy killed(even if he has kite shield and some armor) by concentrated fire. My ranged character tend also getting injury almost every battle that bench them for few days.
The game is getting worse and worse. More bloat with features that add nothing but pointless artificial difficulty. More grind when your guys can die at all times and you can not do anything about it. Its simply not fun and its simply frustrating. I was playing a Cassandra role before foretelling dark vision but I didn’t expected that I will be right. What happened? Are there somebody else in charge than when this game start development? I think I need to make some good predictions because – even with all my whining – I really want to like this game(and I like it) but now its in miserable state.


Sure, I play mostly expert and it supposed to be hard and unforgiving but the point is its also not rewarding at all. It should be hard, challenging and rewarding. Now its full bullshit. No fun, no fun at all.