Reply To: Headhunter seems like an absolutely worthless perk?

Avatar photoWargasm

It’s always seemed worthless to me. The toughest enemies have a lot of head and body armour to protect their hit points, and the head armour gets hit less often and remains intact for longer, so that this “bonus” will probably make it take longer to kill them off …

How many times have you painstakingly reduced an orc warrior, bandit leader, fallen hero etc. to zero body armour and minimal hit points, and then hit them again and clenched your fists victoriously, only for the “finishing blow” to strike the massive slab of metal on their head and actually fail to do any damage to hit points?

A lot of the early attacking perks are useful only against weaker enemies (e.g. Head Hunter, Crippling Strikes, Executioner). What’s really needed is a perk to increase the chances of hitting whichever part of the body is most vulnerable on the current target.