Reply To: Considering the War Bow vs. the Heavy Crossbow

Avatar photoLasseFin

So what you’re saying is that the damage is actually applied twice, once to armor and THEN once to health? So if a weapon said it does 60 damage (no armor pen, 100% effective vs. armor), it actually does (potentially) 120 damage total? 60 to armor and then, if the armor is destroyed, 60 more to health?

Not exactly as above, because, if a weapon did ZERO damage ignoring armour, it wouldn’t get applied a second time and so would still just do 60 damage. If 10% of its 60 damage ignored armour, and the target hit had 60 armour, then the armour would be destroyed and 6 hit points would be taken.

You’d actually be surprised by how well bandit/brigand bandanas (20 armour) sometimes protect them against the first headshot with a flail.

I’ll have to test that… It doesn’t really make sense, that means the devs had to put in a special case just for these circumstances