Reply To: [Beta] Ranged hit chances / damage are just insane

Avatar photoWargasm

I approve of the shifts to make initiative, morale/resolve and hit-points more important, and I never wanted to have to create one-dimensional characters with a few exaggerated hyper-abilities and several glaring/unrealistic weaknesses that were negated by scale armour and other one-dimensional characters, but I have to say that I also have experienced mostly negative emotions from the new build thus far. On older builds, it seemed that Expert/Deadly mode forced you to spend too much time enduring tedious/puritanical resource management and taking recourse to “ignoble” tactics (avoiding uncertain fights, retreating, aborting contracts, intervening at the eleventh hour in caravan battles to scavenge loot etc.), whereas Easy/Normal/Beginner mode allowed you to more readily get to an unassailable economic position but with less pervasive and less numerous enemies to fight (so that battles became boringly easy and you had to artificially increase the difficulty by using less armour and keeping extra guys in reserve etc.). For the game to be enjoyable, you WANT there to be hordes of deadly enemies to fight, and you want your strategic and tactical decisions to have a bearing on the outcome against them, but you don’t want to be forced into fighting them when you can’t afford to buy/repair equipment and/or to heal injuries. You want to be able to take your time to build up for each challenge, tweaking your tactics as you go. You want room for experimentation and exploration. You want to focus on the aspects of the game that you find most enjoyable, instead of being persistently forced to forsake them (or to endure more tedious aspects) for economic reasons. You want to be able (or to reliably become able) to afford at least some decent/high-level resources, but you want this luxury to be necessary to build for the grand challenges ahead. You want the grand challenges to be exactly that, but you don’t want set-backs along the way to leave you in a ruinous position from which you can’t gradually rebuild and have another go. The game is very immersive and it’s immensely frustrating and irritating when hours/days/weeks of preparation are ruined by one or two random accidents/mistakes when you were tired or in a rush etc. And sometimes, at random, whatever the difficulty level and through no fault of your own, you just happen to get swarmed by deadly enemies chasing you from all directions early on in the game, and there’s no quick/reliable way to escape from the predicament. On the new beta release, these drawbacks seem to be more pervasive on all difficulty levels.