Reply To: Weapon carrying capacity

Avatar photoRyan

Why not have “back”, “belt” and “bag” slots?

That way, were you to start equipped with, say a hatchet and round shield, you could drop the hatchet to your belt, and switch your shield with your two handed ‘great axe’ or similar, from you back. The shield would then be on your back. Not sure how plausible carrying a ‘great axe’ or shield would be on your back, outside of the movies, without seriously effecting your ability to fight (well) but certainly keeping one weapon in a dedicated ‘slot’, like a knife in a belt scabbard, and a main weapon, like an axes, hanging from a belt would be sensible would it not?

Would stop people being able to carry two ‘un-holsetered’ weapons, so to speak.

The inventory perk would effectively be like allowing you to carry a brace of pistols, or a wear a funky extra shoulder/thigh/ankle holster!