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Avatar photoKuroi_Kaze

I want to share one thing that outraged me without limit during noble houses crisis.

There is quest about raidin. In 2 of 3 of target locations I was greated by huge garrisons of elite mercs (I think 22-24 them, including hedge knights and swordmasters). Even one such battle is hard. Two almost in row (there is time limit for quest) made my hair grey! They actually stronger than “field armies” of houses. Where is logic in this? Why some farking salt mine or lumbermill on the end of world guarded better then most princeses virginity? As I understand raiding – it is hit and run on soft spots. Not killing entire elite armies.

I had same experience in Undead Scourge. Contract to destroy two locations. First was 6 Honor Guards and 15 Legionnaires, I lost 4 men there and went to second, there were 6 ghosts, 5 Fallen Heroes and 19 armored zombies, 30 in total, so my party was almost wiped out, I retreated and abandoned the contract. Yep, it’s a bit unfair but that’s more of balance issue, not gameplay.