Reply To: Late Crises Discussion

Avatar photole_souriceau

At this point, I think, in sense of balance and logic of game mechanics we have 2 games.

In first one you can beat anyone without too much genius spark or something. You just need to meticulously use some kind of merc eugenics (to pick best of best), may be restart map several times to have “perfect roster”, then level-up them in certain boring, but effective way, farm tonns of best possible rare items to furher increase effectiveness оf ubermecrs. Then save-load (scum) for only 100% no losses win, preferably using most cheese tactics possible.

In other… with “average joes” on veteran, with roster regulary weakening from wounds (and perm ones), deaths, equipment losses (as game meant to be played, I think), wihout tonns of rares, many contracts/encounters/locations more or less unbeatable.

Mercs just don’t have raw stat power this way to overcome armored, hardhitting and always very numerous enemies.