Reply To: Late Crises Discussion

Avatar photole_souriceau

I hope for realease version some balancing will be done.

After hours and hours of play I almost hate end-game battles (especialy this crisis ones, with packed in series of 2-3 or even 4 in row), fearing them – they long, very hard and only lead to another, even more brutal ones. And this is bad, unfair hardness. Like you spawned in ditch and 20+ guys above on hill, 5-6 of them start practicing their warbow and heavy crossbow skils, then 2 swordmasters run down and gently chop survivors to pieces.

I always played on vet (since yearly versions) and now even considering to be craven and go for normal, just to have pleasure from game and relax in adventures, not eat endless suffer.

Sorry for this little whiney offtop : ) Those crisisis ended my nerves with cascading extreamly hard battles.