Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photole_souriceau

I mostly agree with points above.

My feel after may be 40-50 hours of play in this pre-relise state:

Serious problems in balance!

1) Ranged enemies gone absolutly OVERBOAD. Every battle I just struggle to survive against enemy archers and gods forbid heavy crossbows. Problem I think has 2 dimensions:

а) how ranged combat works by itself (modifiers)
b) enemy shooters have too hight stats (every one of them is farking wilhelm tell or robin hood, WHY?) – actually, they miss VERY rarely and mercislly hunt down any weak or wounded brothers. Every time they know who is weakest targed and bombarding him to certain death.

Return night time malus to accuracy! Now even a night battles it is impossible to be safe from enemy snipers terror. They just hit you anyway.

2) Overhelm is not right. It breaks things. My greatest concern that in all fights after some point your company is outnumbered 1 to 2 even 1 to 3 and when tonns of enemies (not just werewofles, but elite mercs) spam it… they just tear apart even very defensive brothers with shield and all def perks. They NEVER MISS in result (same story as with enemy shooters). This must be battle brother exclusive skill (like adrenalin) or something.

It must be adressed. One of the critical issues.

3) Overall balance of campaign progression still very punishing (vet), enemies become hard faster, then company gains adequate force. There is simply no “easy contracts” at some point to gain some money and farm exp for newbies. Still many completly unbeatable things with normal (naturaly formed) party (whiout very extensive farming and min-maxing, hundreads of save-loads) – tonns of elite undead, 20-30 orc encounters and other things like this.

Overall conclusions — brothers too weak (low on instuments) most times to win agains very hard-hitting brick-like enemies that game send on you every battle after some point.

Battle 25 elite mercs.
Battle 20 orcs with warboss.
Battle 25 brigands with tonns of snipers.
Battle 35 undeads with ghosts, 2 necromancers.
Battle 20 roman undeads with priest.

How ordinary naturaly build and played party can even survive this battle after battle? In crisisis, to make things worse, that sort of battles just stucked in 2-3-4 series and time limit.