Reply To: Best Talents to pick

Avatar photole_souriceau

Mostly agree with Wargasm.

From my experience battle-forged is MUST for every frontal shield figher or heavy 2h build.

Anticipation + Dodge is must for archers as protection. It gives just a little more chances against [current build] crazy enemy sniping. I even go so far to give them Overhelm for “tactical supression” (but this is debatable option).

Fearsome is very useful for any warhammer specialist/or just casual user (they trigger morale check with EVERY HIT AGAINS EVERYONE LIVING). Its posible to break very fast even orc warriors (especially with some sort of Adrenaline helped spam of attacks for 2 rounds in row). But useless against undead wich is now large part of problems. But nice trade-off. May be considered.