Reply To: How to battle with heavy ranged enemy?

Avatar photole_souriceau

I suffered a lot same way from ranged enemies in current build.

After uncounted hours of suffering and re-starting of warband I have this strategy (may be stupid but more or less works for me):

I train 4 archers (its hard, but possible). Talking about recruits, ranged is needed, but is secondary. Look for ranged def stars and initiative.

Every level up put all possible to ranged combat, ranged def and initiative. Perks — bullsye, browny, dodge, anticipation, fast adaptiion, bow mastery, berserk, quick hands, kiling frenzy, nine lives. Ranged builds whiout maxed ranged defence likely doomed. May be some ultra-armored crossbowmen have chances but I don’t tried.

Archers like that can more o less pull out duel with enemy ranged units (and save the day).

As for bad terrain… yep, another extremly annoying thing. I usually just run as fast as I can. Very high initiative in this archer build provides good chances to leave zone of enemy fire (they most vunerable). Heavy line guys mabe get arrow or two in arse during “tactical reatreat”, but this is mostly survivable.