Reply To: Improving some lackluster perks

Avatar photoWargasm

Agree about Recover, Head Hunter and (especially) Executioner. I suppose Recover could be useful for a Berserk archer, since you could kill someone with a Quick Shot and then still have 9 action points for Recover.

I believe the calculations for Rally the Troops were already adjusted for the .24 version (i.e. easier to rally fleeing allies, but no longer able to raise anyone’s morale above steady).

I also have found Adrenaline useful on heavily armoured troops. I tend to leave them lurking on the backline as “minders” initially, not using much energy, and then, as soon as an ally gets in severe trouble or a particular enemy seems especially menacing, they can all use the skill to swarm the spot of crisis and avert danger. It almost seems like “cheating” to combine Adrenaline with Overwhelm …

Fast Adaptation would be great with Riposte for someone with super-high melee defence but mediocre melee skill and max fatigue. Also for adrenalized “minder” characters lurking on the backline with maces ready to stun necrosavants or giant nachzehrers. And for archery duels, of course.

Throwing weapons are one-handed weapons, and so, if you combine Throwing Mastery with Duellist, missiles can do nearly as much damage as a crossbow, and without needing to be reloaded. So it’s tempting to try to make use of it for someone with good all-round attack and defence skills/talents, but it’s difficult to make such a build …

You didn’t mention the Taunt perk. Has anyone ever picked that (except me once, long ago, just to see what it was like)? I suppose you could try to use it to draw away enemies in a defensive position who are protecting ranged fighters. Maybe you could even combine it with Lone Wolf …

Now that fatigue is more of an issue (i.e. even missed enemy attacks now impose added fatigue), I think that Shield Expert should also be a “mastery” perk that reduces the fatigue cost of shield skills (especially since front-liners with one-handed weapons will be the ones most affected by the new fatigue mechanisms).

Maybe Polearm Mastery would be more lucrative if Repel and Hook continued to stagger opponents but also became effective against orc warriors!