Reply To: Improving some lackluster perks

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Regarding Fast Adaptation. It is basically a necessity if you want to reliably hit Necrosavants at some point with non-90+ melee skill fighters, since Necrosavants have at least 30 melee defense.

Adrenaline I use on my Longaxe with Berserk Brother; weaken in one round, hit Adrenaline, kill and trigger Berserk to whack another guy in the same round. Since he has to Fatigue to spare.

Similarly, I end up using Recover pretty often on my Greatsword user, because he consistently racks up at least 35 Fatigue a round from setting up double splits. Among other things the reason he’s racked up around 350 kills on my 150 day playthrough so far.

The thing that Polearm mastery includes, but is rather rare to use, is the Warscythes, which give you two-tile distance AOE. You tend to draw up lots of Fatigue if you’re cleaving a lot of wiedergangers.

Lone Wolf assumes you have a badass with a Great Axe to maximize Swing potential. Not that you would train somebody up with a Great Axe while you’re still building a company of 11+ characters.


Other things to note: Fast Adaptation stacks in order on AOE attacks. Meaning if you miss the first guy, Adaptation triggers for an additional 8% to hit on the second hit. If miss, that’s two stacks in one round. In reverse also, if you hit the first guy, but miss the second, you’ll still have one stack at the end of the round to use elsewhere.

Other uses of Adrenaline: getting two actions before doggies (Direwolves) or Necrosavants get another turn to eat your archers.