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A lot of useful tips and combinations that I didn’t use before, thanks guys.

You didn’t mention the Taunt perk. Has anyone ever picked that

I take it for at least 2 of my “tanks” (shield users) to draw attention away from heavily injured bros that I cannot immediately remove from melee for some reason. Comes in handy especially when I get surrounded and rotation wouldn’t achieve much.

6. Gifted – what you propose is god perk.

I wouldn’t consider it a god-tier as the extra points would be spread around various attributes, but if that’s a concern it could only bump the weakest rolls – turn 1s into 2s and 2s into 3s. I just think it’s not worth it at all right now because you sacrifice a very valuable perk point for a one-off increase to much less valuable stat points. I consider the level-up completely meaningless, you can always grind more exp.

Adrenaline I use on my Longaxe with Berserk Brother; weaken in one round, hit Adrenaline, kill and trigger Berserk to whack another guy

Sounds really neat, will give it a try.

rather rare to use, is the Warscythes, which give you two-tile distance AOE.

It’s so rare, in fact, that in my latest playthrough I’ve already gathered a dozen artifacts, and not a single scythe. feelsbadman. Still, the fatigue reduction is a generic bonus and while other weapon groups get something interesting in addition, polearms get something that is useless because it improves an useless attack.

Lone Wolf assumes you have a badass with a Great Axe to maximize Swing potential

Still, I only need to get him literally 1 tile away from the others to use him as intended an also get benefits of having backup close by. The way it works right now I’d have to get out of my way and put myself in unnecessary danger just so I can benefit from a perk, which is counter-intuitive to me.

Fast Adaptation stacks in order on AOE attacks. Meaning if you miss the first guy, Adaptation triggers for an additional 8% to hit on the second hit. If miss, that’s two stacks in one round. In reverse also, if you hit the first guy, but miss the second, you’ll still have one stack at the end of the round to use elsewhere.

Just WOW o_O I had no idea. Consider me instantly converted to the Church of FA.

Gifted is that its a single use replacement for other perks (shield expert, anticipation, fast adaption).

I too woul prefer if it was more of a long term thing, maybe adding a star on a chosen characteristic now that that mechanic exists.

I beg to differ on Gifted as the boni bestowed by other perks go beyond a simple equivalent of stat points – shield expert for instance makes precious named shields a fair game against axe-wielders, something that I would consider too risky otherwise.
+1 on adding a star, makes much more sense than my own idea TBH

And i have question about anticipation perk (…)

well you get bonus 1 + 10%(Base Def) per 1 tile, so in your example it’s 30 + 6x(1+3) = 54 total ranged def.