Reply To: Weapon carrying capacity

Avatar photogorlum

Hello, first post so excuse me for me bad english and congratulation for this game (it looks very good).
What if instead of 1,2 or 4 slots you include weapon-slots differentiation? Each battlebroder will heave two “sidearm” slots (or only one) and one “back” or “backpack slots. “Sidearm” slot/slots can contain only knife, dagger one-handed sword, one-handed axe/mace or a buckler. And weapon from this slot don`t give any encumbrance penalty (if something like this is implemented). Weapons from sidearm slots will be easier to change/switch to (less AP for this action – maybe only 1 or 2). “Back”/”backpack” slots – for two-handed (spear, halberd, bow, crossbow) or heavier weapons and shields. Maybe each battlebrother should start with only one backpack slot so only one two-handed weapon.