Reply To: (AGAIN) Mission objectives too far.

Avatar photoIRBIS

I think this is working as intended. You got hired by some noble to help out with greenskins, that is because there is a greenskin camp in that region. Unless you get rid of them in some way or another, you will recieve similar quests in most cities of that faction.

I though so too, but when I had come to the town which suffers from greenskins maradeurs, I wasn’t able to get this contract. May be it because I commited the price in previous town but asked some time to think. Or just bug in same other place…

Anyway this system should be reconsidered. It’s a waist of time, crowns and party mood.

For example I have 3 variants:
1) If you get such fraction contract you should be able to get paid after finishing it in the nearest fraction town.(the simpliest one)
2) Implement contract wich want you just to go to the city which need to get help(and get part of payment), and only then get the contract(next part of it). (may be the best one)
3) Implement payment multiplier which depends on the distance. (the worst one)