Reply To: Training Hall is extremely underwhelming

Avatar photoMike

Of course, selling levels – is nonsense. Pay and win!

Not to be rude, but I don’t think you paid much attention. Allow me to reiterate: I don’t ask to be able to instantly level brothers to the max using training hall. I want to be able to train low-level brothers a bit, say to level 4-5, after I both have to pay and wait some time before they are done training.

We are already able to hire people with a couple of ready-trained levels, and the cost to do so is proportionately higher than the same recruit (with the same equipment) at lvl 1. So we’re basically paying for their previous training. How would be the training hall any different in this regard? And in any way, money doesn’t exactly rain on you in this game, so even if it was like you said you’d still have to earn that coins first somewhere. And there are no gambling halls around AFAIK.

It’s a feature that’d be most useful in mid- and late-game, as by that time you’ve probably already got both equipment and spare funds, but as you’re consistently facing stronger and more numerous opponents you’re bound to take some losses. Losses that are hard to replace because the raw recruits are barely able to carry hi-quality equipment, let alone fight enemies effectively.

So at that point if you lose a brother his replacement is stuck in the second line cowering behind the kite shield until he can gather enough collateral exp to be able to somehow contribute to a fight. Until then – he’s a dead weight. And you are HIGHLY unlikely to recruit someone who has at the same time desirable backround, satisfactory stats/traits AND a couple levels ready to be spent.