Reply To: Nachzehrer Devour Needs Save

Avatar photoMike

+1, it shouldn’t be a 100/95% chance.

Though personally I think it should have more to do with the equipment a bro is currently holding – hilarious as it may be I find gobbling up my pikemen – weapon pointy end towards the stomach, one would assume – rather unbelievable.

Right now it’s unbalanced

Here I disagree as it is relatively simple to prevent it from happening. Here are my tips:

– if there are just a couple Nachs mixed with other undead (usually wieders) , snipe them first before thay can feed. Small ones aren’t very durable. If you can’t snipe them, see below

– if you are fighting Nachs exclusively, control where you kill them – don’t shoot all over the place letting them feed while they advance towards you, either hold your fire or jab each one with single arrow to wound but not to kill (mostly viable at the beginning because later on it’s easy to one-shot them with rangers, but at that point you can massacre them easily anyway). As you kill them in melee perform an orderly advance – simply walk on top of the bodies so they can’t be devoured. Keep your formation!

– they have poor resolve, so if you’re confident in your ranged capability (my go-to band composition is 4 bows and 2 crossbows in the backline, with optional thrown weapons on the frontaline… pretty overwhelming volume of missiles each round) you can try to rout them in a single round, before they can either reach your line or feed on the dead. My preffered method later on when I have both high accuracy and Fearsome

– if you start a battle with huge Nachts already around, focus-fire them with your rangers, preferably bowmen. You can either kill them outrifght or seriously cripple them before they can reach your lines

– if the above fails, spearwall is a great way to keep the gluttons away from your men. Without armor it’s easy to whittle them down. You can also use nets and dogs as both give you more time to perforate them at range

– if they still manage to reach a bro, don’t panic! They need to be standing there for a round undisturbed before they can gobble up your man, and you can disturb them with: stuns (maces), shield bash (bucklers/shields), repel (pitchforks/pikes. probably the only one time when the skill becomes useful), breaking their morale (Fearsome perk comes extra handy here) or moving the bro away (either footwork or shieldwalled retreat). I did not try it myself (never really had to as above works really well) but I’m guessing that taunt could possibly move them away as well.

– last but not least, killing them fast also works ;] Can’t do it if they are fresh but if you followed the above steps they’re likely almost dead as they reach you, so moving a well-armored brother or two out of formation to surround them, coupled with reach weapons from 2nd line can finish them off in a hurry.

Hope it helps!