Reply To: Weapon carrying capacity

Avatar photojimcrowley

Of all the ideas tossed around in this brainstorming, I like the fatigue penalty one most.
Having a sword and dagger on your belt wouldn’t slow you down much. Having an orc axe and a crossbow tied to your back probably would…

This does seem to be the simplest and most elegant solution, if the notion of carrying pole-arms and great swords on the back is acceptable.

Another aspect to this is that the single melee skill is applied equally to every melee weapon such that any brother can find and use any weapon and use it with the same skill as any other weapon.

Given that most of the initial brothers are just starting out, they would be lucky to own a single weapon and probably wouldn’t be that skilful with it. Only professional soldiers or knights would have had multi-weapon training and even they would probably favour a specific weapon. Ditto with archery skills.

Perhaps this discrepancy is already covered within the traits and I’m looking forward to the release to see how this works.