Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photoMike

dev […] told nothing is changed about them.

Yeah right. Bandit marksmen are like 5x more deadlier

So, on one hand there’s a guy who actually makes the game, and on the other a dismissive player. Who oh who should we believe?

I can’t wrap my head around the whole “bandit marksman issue”, mostly because I have yet to see it for myself.

At the beginning any bro can die instantly to RNG, nothing new here.
Later on my mainline is shielded (kite shields until they are really tanky) and armored, flankers unshielded but very heavily armored and rangers lightly armored but built for ranged def. Mainline rarely gets hit and doesn’t really care, flankers get hit more often but can weather it, rangers get hit from time to time but have Steel Brow so never get 1-shotted, barring my own silly mistakes (like not putting heavily injured bro in reserve). At any rate, enemy rangers are usually pushing up the daisies by round 2, hard to cause me much grief then.

As far as I’m concerned the whole ranged combat is working OK. Can’t eat the cake and have it too, if you wanna push for offensive capability and turn your 2-hander into a “blender lord” (WHFB-style) don’t expect him to take a face full of bolts and mistake it for confetti.