Reply To: Revised Dodge too powerful?

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I think its fine as is tbh. I am not quite sure how the anticipation formula works:

(1+10% of ranged defense) x distance – at 20 ranged def and a distance of 7 this would amount to 21 extra ranged defense. (I think this is how it works)
1 + (10% of ranged defense x distance) – same values would still amount to 15.

Dodge is quite nice in the early games when you don’t wear much armor. I am only using dodge on Archers really and the stat increase is not high enough to protect them from polearms reliably.

Underdog is still by far the best defensive perk for frontliners imo. In previous builds it used to be quite common actually to have a brother be surrounded by 6 orcs. It did not matter much being surrounded by that many enemies mostly due to how reach advantage worked. And it still happens to me quite often that some brothers on the flanks get surrounded by 3-4 direwolves at once.

Anyways, I see dodge being maybe a little bit too powerful in the early levels but it’s nice not losing quite as many archers to crossbows.