Reply To: Inter-Kingdom Wars need a strong tweaking.

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I thought I’d done all I needed to do, and only 1 day remained, but then (with all my best veterans nursing untreated injuries, and nowhere to buy tools to repair equipment) a horde of over 20 billmen and arbelasters appeared on our path home, and I decided to hide in the mountains and hope my employer’s spies wouldn’t report that I’d shirked the task of attacking a patrol. But then a horde of wiedergangers approached across the mountains from the opposite direction, and (terrified by the prospect of a slow and tedious battle) I gave the order to about-turn and charge half-naked into the bulwark of bills! Actually I moved into sight of the wiedergangers and led them on across the mountains towards the point that the patrol was approaching, but then moved off across the mountains to watch the wiedergangers roam right into the patrol, and then moved down to vanquish the patrol after it had already been weakened by the wiedergangers. And that was the glorious and honourable way in which the war was won.