Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photoSarissofoi

Hello Rusbear and Namespace. Glad to see you.

Morale system need tweaking.
Currently it working but there is plenty of unknown. Not very clear and confusing.
I agree that heavy armor should have positive effect on resolve but on the other hand that would boost heavy armored guys over light even more than its now.
I agree that levels should count into resolve check but on the other hand – why then level resolve at all if you got passive growth?
It would be nice if enemy repelled by spearwall do not trigger morale check.
It would be nice if nearby brothers and shieldwall would positive effect resolve rolls. If you have have brothers on your sides and behind you you should be eager to run.
Some perks or traits could also effect it more.
Who knows maybe its really nasty thug. I wonder if ugly characters trigger resolve check more?

Dodge is fine. Is tied with current initiative level and tired soldiers have its effect decreased. It strong but heavy armor and long fights where you use plenty of fatigue decrease its usefulness.

My stance on banner didn’t change from my last post.
Six Banner
Rather underwhelming. Its necessary to have it as there are new resolve mechanics but its weaker than old sergeant perk and you can have only one. And whole banner is also weak weapon and bonus is lost if not used. Sadly banner lack any special or even typical pike skills. Necessary but rather uncool. Taking off confident was fine move but connected with other things it nerfed it too much. Please consider increasing range of banner, % of bonus and add some special abilities to it so its more cool then necessary.

I would expand this if you like.
Banner could be used to cast area orders/buffs like:
-Stand your ground(flat or percentage bonus to defense and resolve)
-Attack(bonus to hit chance and initiative)
-Stay strong(fatigue recovery)
-Mass rally(rally all characters)
Old sergeants could come back with single target long range Rally and their own separate Resolve buff.
Current mechanics make use of flankers really hard. |First single brother is rather weak and he is very vulnerable to morale checks or getting overwhelmed. Secondly is outside range of Banner and in case of panic he can’t be rallied.
Also buffing resolve bonus from Lone Wolf or decreasing range from 3 to 2 when its trigger would be helpful. Currently I do not see a point in this perk.

I am not really happy with all of this but all I can is adapt. Unless you guys wanna team up and storm headquarter of Overhype. We can then throw all of them into dungeons and keep them until they fix the game to our liking.
If so you have my knife.