Reply To: Editing Cnut files (not for modding, just curiosity)

Avatar photoMete

If you open the cnut files you will be able to identify some string, like “Name”, these string have a prefix and a suffix in the form of:
08 04 N a m e 10
Where the 08 is a “header”, the 04 is the size of the string, the string, and 10 is the end, of course the Name is in hex, so thats how I changed weapons names, the problem is that it only works for strings that are not bigger than 7 characters.
Also, I tried to edit some weapon values, I found that for knife, there are like 9 integers with value 20, and some others with value 25, I tried to compare the address and the characters around these values to the values on other weapons but I couldn’t find a pattern, I will probably do it by trial and error.

I just got my hands on NutCracker, but it didnt decompile the cnut files at all. As I said, if I create a cnut file and compile, I can edit the strings, so I guess they are doing something different.

But, I didn’t spend to much time looking at these files, I will probably keep trying when I get some time.