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Hey. I agree that taking on Orcs and Goblins without quests seems like ridiculously high risk for basically no reward once there are shamans/orc warriors.
The only times I go and destroy those camps is when I get a tip for a named Item there (from tavern) or during patrol quests for extra heads and there is basically no real threat there.

As for perks: I always use recover. It helps a lot in long battles and especially against those pesky zombies. And it is even more important now imo since getting attacked builds up extra fatigue. I also always dagger enemies with good armors (Leaders, Hedge Knights, Fallen Heroes) and that takes tons of fatigue.
As for the rest: I have never used Nine-Lives, Adrenaline, Taunt, Indomitable, Hold Out. Since the “last beta” I have not even used Lone Wolf, Nimble, Fearsome, Executioner. I simply never have enough perk points to use any of those.