Reply To: Save Game Deletion and Constant Content File Locked.

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-Ironman Savegame deleted.
So I was 170 days into my veteran ironman game, and for some reasons, after a 0 byte update, the save file has been deleted by the game. Considering the save corruption I had with my 380 days beginner ironman game a few weeks back, and the struggle I had to survive that long for my vet. ironman game, to say that I am absolutely infuriated is an understatement that I am thinking of everyone to not play ironman mode until the forseeable future.
It is even more frustrating to know that there isn’t even a log to send to you guys as the 0 byte update seemed to have simply been to delete existing save games.

There was no 0 byte update from our side, so I’m afraid that’s not something I can comment on. Perhaps this is an issue of Steam Cloud?

-Content File Locked
While easy to fix through the usage of command panel, I have been having constant problems with content file locking every time I restarted the computer. Battle brothers seems to be the only game which has had this issue, and it has only had this since the official launch of the game.

This is a Steam issue and has nothing to do with Battle Brothers. I’ve personally had it with Xenonauts once, and restarting Steam fixed it for me. Others have reported that changing their regional settings in Steam did it for them.

-Also, if memory serves me right. Last time I played the game, I retired the company out of curiosity. Wasn’t retiring not supposed to delete saves, and was fixed in a previous build?

Retiring deletes the save if you’re playing on Ironman mode.

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