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Sekata – joined this forum just to reply to you…

I’ve only played veteran Ironman since buying the game and I’m quite addicted. Really enjoy the concept. Basically a punishing tactical mount and blade game. Anyways… Back to necros … My 2 highest day groups made it to days 40s and 30s something both destroyed by necros. One a wondering party of 3 that like you I could not outrun and actually caught me 2x and after 2 retreats in a row my party was done. And the second group I tried to fight em … Ya didn’t end so well.

To be honest the first group I cheated and found my save file and tried to run instead of fight because it didn’t go well but as stated still didn’t go well. Was left with One man after everyone left.

Something really needs to be done about those… Not fun. My recent Ironman game half my party just got killed but it was all fair – meaning at least I had a chance. And I’m debating about starting again. Got stuck in the swamps vs raiders and 2 poachers. Even thou I outnumbered them they took down some if my best men.