Reply To: Underused perks buff

Avatar photolaViper

Adrenaline Rush is good enough now. I take this perk for may polearms and longaxes men, sometimes at first lvlup if they have high fatigue.

Fortified Mind is obligatory for sergant without any replacement.
On the one hand you don’t give this perk someone with bad resolve, cause profit will be small, for someone with good resolve this perk is useless often.
Maybe it will be good idea if this perk also gives +1 resolve at lvlup resolve-roll – it means that you can’t make chicken-heart man brave at once, but you can improve him day by day.

About Taunt, I think it should be passive perk or on/off perk – everyone attacked by this man must attack him this turn. Maybe with on/off system you will be spend addition fatigue per attack (+2-3), what seems balanced.

Bags and Belts is good to be merge with quick hands.