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If you want to proper critic, you should account all arguments. Not pick one that suited for you.
So, you wrote that in medieval were greek-like huge and heavy round shields(intended to parry), and show a picture and compare them with tower shields(intended to cover, and also can be grounded). Say about medieval pikes, but show renessance ones. Completly ignore my arguments about skirmish, and only mention the conclusion – thats your favorite method, as i can see.

shield/spear wall is not ability or stance, it’s description of formation

– Its clearly description of passive ability, triggered when you near friends, dont fool yourself.

Yes, enemy have to react to the attack. So what?

React to energy that suddenly transferred with the attack, i.e. suffer(and conditions for that i already described).

Your picture have nothing to do with reality.

– Yes, that picture intended to show stupidity of situation, but this does not make it less realistic.

Second of all because pike is not held in the middle like you have drawn, therefore there is no “massive leverage.”

Yes, but that way you have even greater leverage on the other side of pike. What happens, you think, if someone just, you now, hit it somewhat hard with sword?

First of all because you don’t strike over the head of soldiers in the front rank, you strike between them.

Okay, i can see that: “You! Yes, you, guy in the 1st line. Dont move and stand still, please, i should poke that friend of yours behind you with that long and very vulnerable stick”
Also, another argument for me, there are pretty famous “pikes vs swords” fight in history. Romans 1, Greeks 0 – AWAY WIN.

Pike IS PURE foot weapon. It have nothing to do with cavalry gear.

I said that about your urge to huge one-handed spears. Also cavalry actually have pikes, but they call them lances.Cavalry lance/pike

Sorry for language.
Also, please, give this forum option to preview you posts!