Reply To: Things that are so dumb, that makes me sick

Avatar photoMcKing

Mate, he presented good arguments, with videos of historical reenactments – you had some really awful sticks drawn.

It may be that it happens because english is not your native tongue – but you sound to me like you are trying to be condescending while being completely ignorant of the subject at hand. Just some feedback. Sometimes it seems you are a kid – not that it would be a problem. If you want to argument, at least google a bit, and find some references if you want to crictise something, like the weight of shields. “I don’t think so” is no argument.

And holding heavy shields and weapons while in the tension of battle, wearing armor? To me, the skills AP cost does make sense. Though they maybe could get a small reduction to be more useful – or less punishing to use.

When people start talking about Pikes, i just recall some of the drawings that show up when you look Swiss Mercenaries and Landknechts – talk about “Bad War”. Pikes are really scary, and it seems apropriate to me. Pike v Pike fights are bloody and messy as they should be.

It seems to me the system was kind of built around melee-ranged-pikes and such, and would need a really well thought out plan to be changed. I, particularly, like it as it is – a lot.