Reply To: Increasing Head Hit Chance Worth?

Avatar photomrbunnyban

No. It only applies to HP, not helmet.


If I am not mistaken, 2H weapons (except polearms and longaxes) hit both head and body at the same time, so increasing head hit chance with them is pointless.

Not sure how their area attacks work however.

Eh? Pretty sure only the 2H axe does that with it’s primary attack. And for that primary attack, I was told that the damage is divided into ‘main’ damage with your roll and ‘bonus’ damage to the other body part. If the main damage rolls body the minor bonus damage defaults to body and vice versa. Only the ‘main’ damage can crit if you roll a head hit with it. The minor bonus damage cannot crit even if it defaults to head. So the head strike chance is not wasted.

I think in the end though, other perks kind of win out except for specific builds. Opportunity cost and all that.