Reply To: (Need) Late game strategy help

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My approach is just brute force. 3 Greatswords, 2 Greathammers in a staggered formation with 1 tile space between the guys to allow them to fling their weapons freely. My spearhead would be the two Greathammers who should have around 30+ melee defense, reach advantage and 300/300 armor. 2x shatter should be enough to strip 3 warriors of their armor (provided you hit them ofc). The Greathammers get supported by the Greatsworders using split or swing.

Bring at least 1 sargeant to counter the Warlord’s roar. At the very least 2-3 ranged troops to deal with berserkers and young. If you take spears, make sure to put them on the flanks to protect your archers from flanking berserkers until they can kill them. Also give them a Hammer in their bag should a warrior make it there. For archers, I would strongly suggest you keep them a few tiles away from the battlefield so the warriors don’t get any stupid ideas and try to break your formation. It is a bit difficult but you can predict when an Orc will go for the break through and after your backline.

Sure, Bows are not that great against armor but if you get a decent famed one it will look a whole lot different and switching to polearms is not really necessary imo. I really don’t like how close you have to get with them. Yes, I might get off a few hits but Orc Warriors will definitely go and break my formation.