Reply To: (Need) Late game strategy help

Avatar photoWanderer

A few things to note that should help wear down Warrior armor:

You use the young/berserkers as Berserk triggers. Basically, weaken, but don’t kill them with anybody other than your two-handers. This allows your two-handers to get two shatters or swing/splits in one turn, which with a legendary two-handed hammer or greatsword, will evaporate warrior armor, along the 25% damage buff for Killing Spree.

Frontliners ideally would be in Coat of Plates, or an equivalent legendary. With the bleed weapons they have, getting any bleed is likely to start killing your frontliners.

If you don’t have the Shield Wall perk on a specific frontliner with a shield, bring a spare shield. Shields will get broken eventually if you have to deal with at least 10 warriors.

Lastly, something I noticed just recently, which may be because of the Bullseye perk, but you can use bows/crossbows in 2 hex range with no cover penalties.